F.A.Q. ARRIVAL (clicl here)


Paraninfo can be accessed easily thanks to its numerous connections with public transport:

 Arguelles Station: lines 3, 4 and 6.
 Moncloa Station (200 meters): lines 3, 4 and 6.
 Pincessa Station ‐ Altamirano: lines 1, 44, C2 and 183.
 Princessa Station ‐ Hilarión Eslava: lines 1, 44, C1 and 133.
 Alberto Aguilera Station ‐ Argüelles: line 21.
 Moncloa Bus Station (200 meters): lines 16, 61, 82, 83 and 132.  

Parking around Paraninfo is regulated in green and blue zones. The green spaces are mainly for the
residents of the neighbourhood, Visitors can park there but for a maximum of one hour and for a higher
tariff than in the blue zone. The blue zone is designated for visitors and you can park for a maximum of 2
hours (renewable) and a lower tariff. Residence of the area can also park in the blue zones but at the same price and with the same limitations as the visitors.