F.A.Q. ARRIVAL (clicl here)


How do I get to my accommodation? Can I get transfer?

We offer a Pick up service from the airport to the accommodation. This service costs 35 Euros (plus extra rate of 12 Euros from 24:00 to 8:00), The transfer from the accommodation to the airport costs 25 Euros (extra cost from 24:00 to 08:00: 12 Euros). If you require this pick up service, please inform us about your departure airport/s, the airline, your flight number and arrival hour, local time. The pick up service includes that the driver waits for you in the airport building at the meeting point in front of the Unicaja bank counter next to the cafeteria which is left hand once you have passed one of the two exits from the luggage belt hall to the public waiting hall.  The driver can be a young man or woman wearing a red Picasso-t-shirt The driver will also wait for you, if the plane is delayed, furthermore s/he will help you if there are any other problems at the airport, and s/he will take you to your accommodation. You can pay the 32 Euros on the first course day in the school office.