F.A.Q. ACCOMMODATION (click here)


What are your accommodation options?

Our school offers a variety of accommodation options: you can choose to live with one of our ON-SITE accommodations, our carefully selected host families, in a student residence or in a shared apartment with other students from the school.The difference between Standard Student Residence and Superior Student Residence is that the Superior is located in the same building as the school with of course provides innumerable advantages to our students. They would only have to take the lift to go to the classes. Furthermore, our Superior Residence is all recently refurbished, with modern kitchens, high standard bathrooms and flat screen televisions in the living area of each apartment. There are spacious sun terraces on the roof of the building, where you can go to sunbathe, study or just relax. It is so pleasant to work with experts.

How many students share 1 flat?

From 4 to 5 students.

Can I choose to have a private bathroom option?

Private bathroom for one person cost 40 €. So in three weeks the price of the private bathroom would amount to 120€/ person.

Do I need to bring towels or bed linen?

One set of bed linen is provided, but not towels.

Will I have laundry facilities?

There is a washing machine and a clothes horse in each Superior accommodation, Standard apartments and residence. Host families agree to do one clothes wash per week.

How much does a twin number cost in Superior accommodation?

The surcharge for a twin room in Superior accommodation is 25 euros per week.

When can I arrive in my apartament? Can I stay in my apartament when my course will finished?

Our accommodation dates are from Sunday to Saturday before their course starts, departing on the Saturday after the course finishes. However, our students can sometimes arrive a day earlier, or leave a day later. The students will naturally be charged for any extra nights (55 euros/ night per person).

How do I get to the place of my accommodation?

We will send you your accommodation details before you arrive in Barcelona. After arriving in Barcelona, you should take a taxi, or the Metro, to your accommodation.