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Excursions BarcelonaOur Cultural Activities Program


Barcelona is a wonderful place to learn Spanish. Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It city with of beautiful buildings, wonderful lifestyle, good climate, great food, excellent bars, wonderful museums, and also kilometers of golden sandy beaches – truly unique, quite unlike anywhere else! There are also countless places to enjoy nigthlife barcelona city. In the summer, the Port Olympic is particularly popular with stag and hen parties and the beach area has plenty of chiringuito beach bars.
To help our students discover all that there is to see and do in Barcelona, as well as enjoy themselves and practice the Spanish that they learn on their course; we organize an extensive cultural program.


Typical activities include:


Guided walks with tutors


Guided walks with tutorsOur school is located in the very centre of Barcelona, just 5 minutes’ walk from Plaza Cataluña, there are many places of interest within walking distance of the school. We organize one excursion per week. The school take part to excursion to different places, for example, the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic, Gaudi’s Parc Guell, The Olympic port, ‘Las Ramblas’. These guided walks are free for though students do pay if we take the metro, or if they wish to enter a museum or monument.


Spanish film evenings in the school   


At once a week, we organize a Spanish film evening in the school. We have a large student room, where the films are shown. Normally, one of our teachers will explain a bit about the film and then students will watch it. These film evenings are free of charge.


Salsa and Sevillanas (Flamenco) dance classes


Welcome parties in the school


These Salsa and Flamenco classes are very popular with our students! The classes are organized in the evening in our school. It’s a very good way to learn Salsa or Flamenco, but is also excellent language practice and a great way to make friends with other students. After the lessons, there are lots of dance bars in Barcelona (Salsa and Flamenco), where you can show off your moves!


Students from the many countries arrive at the school. Normally we invited students to a ‘welcome party’ in the evening. All new and existing students are invited. We have some food and soft drinks, and the Director, with teachers, welcomes the new students to the school. This is a great opportunity for students to meet and is very popular with our existing students, who are naturally very interested to meet the new arrivals!

Cultural lessons

We regularly organize cultural lessons in the afternoons on themes such as:

  • Cultural lessons Camino BarcelonaRecent Spanish History
  • The Spain of today
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Food and Drink
  • Barcelona Football Club
  • Family life in Spain
  • Cataluña’s Autonomy
  • The History of Barcelona
  • Spanish Customs
  • Gaudi’s Legacy

Evenings out with teachers

It´s great way to discover Spanish traditions with another student. Together we spend time very well. We meet at the school and then go on a ‘tapas tour’ or to a Salsa bar, or for a meal at one of our tutor’s favorite’s locations. Sometimes, we go up to ‘El Tibidabo’, to see the night-time panorama over Barcelona, or for a walk along the beach, ending up at one of the ‘Chiringitos’ (café/bars) on the beach. Our tutors really know Barcelona well, and these evenings are really popular with our students. You just pay for your own drinks and food – the guided tour and extra Spanish practice is free!


International Evenings in the school Camino Barcelona


International Evenings in the school


Our school has many students from different countries who like Spanish events and culture. Our students come on our courses alone. But you quickly make new friends on the course and we help this process by organizing regular ‘international evenings’ in the school. These are parties to which all our students are invited. These events are held in the school – usually in the school garden (from April to the end of October). They are chance for students to meet and chat and mix with students who may be on different courses, or in different levels. Living and learning a language in a foreign country is something quite unique and you never forget the friends that you share a unique experience like this with.

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